Inspiring leaders to be inspiring.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are TheeAnthonyS partnered with The Predictive Index. We focus on employee engagement and talent optimization. Our optimal client is a small to medium sized business that is looking to increase overall production and morale throughout their organization. Rather than traditional techniques we use:

  1. Science to gather people data
  2. We then map this data against the business strategy
  3. Then we align people to the strategy to maximize results, just like you'd build a winning sports team


Management Consultant


  • Helping managers inspire team members to reach their full potential

  • Understanding and Managing Millennials

  • Increasing productivity

  • Creating greater levels of effective communication within the organization

  • Providing real-world guidance for reducing turnover

  • Strengthening a healthy culture within the workplace


  • In person Management training - on or off site

  • One on One consulting with Team/Lead Managers managing Millennials

  • Talent Optimization and Team Productivity

  • Guidance for new hire process including script development

  • Experiential processing through issues and solutions

  • Arizona State Notary

  • Web and Graphic Design

Ways to Increase Production

On average, employees spend around 3 hours of their day actually working. The rest is spent on other tasks such as looking at news, checking social media, and conversing with other individuals in the organization. From an individual standpoint, this lack of effort seems harmless but think about every employee doing this. That means the

Focus on Customer Service over Process

Process assists in growing business until it gets in the way of customer service. As easy as this sounds, almost every business goes through this as part of the growth cycle. Why? Usually fast expansion. Organizations can grow to a certain point without too much process. There is a magic number and it has to

Helping Managers Keep Their Best Employees

With new research showing 57% of employees leaving their job because of their manager, we begin to understand why job hopping is a huge part of the career for many individuals today. This information comes from DDI Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research. These numbers reflect a number from a study last year where the

Arizona Business Growth and Unemployment

Arizona is growing. Simple as that. For anyone that lives in the Phoenix Metro Area, you have probably noticed that traffic and realized that more houses show up every year. The official numbers is 2.2% increase from 2017 to 2018 which is up from 1.2% the next year. Speculations from news sources state the weather,

Changes in the Office?!?

What is an easy way to help employees live a healthier and stress reduced life? You may have come up with multiple answers to this question but the one we are talking about today is Flexible Work Schedules that allow employees to work remotely. The Society of Human Resource Management showed in a study that

Active Listening Matters

We are distracted, preoccupied, or forgetful 75% of the time. In terms of time, that equates to 3 out of every 4 seconds where your mind betrays you by thinking outside of the current moment. Give me your attention for the next few moments and follow me through an exercise. Think about someone in your

Death by Sticky Note

The first post-it note or “Sticky Note” hit stores in 1980. Throughout the technology revolution, many tools changed for organization except for the wondrous yellow square. Not only that, yellow turned to red, green, blue, pink, and any other color marketing thought would interest the end consumer. That poses the great question: Why do individuals

Pay Managers More

Give me a chance to explain this one. I understand the generality of the statement but we need to have this conversation especially when it retains to the service industry. All industries are to blame so don’t think you can get out of this situation simply because you are B2B. Very few companies pay low

We are Soft: A message to Managers, Parents, and Millennials

How do I know this? In order to become hardened by time one must have hardships. Do not get me wrong, being in the Millennial Generation comes with its own challenges but nothing compared to other parts of history. One can give a quick search on the internet to see what happened to life expectancy


Podcast Links


Need HELP with a certain Situation?

The videos below are designed to help managers and leaders in certain situations pertaining to the workplace. Whether it be managers that are not leading sufficiently or learning to scale up in a successful way, I will cover all this and more. If there is a particular scenario you need help on let me know by sending me a message via my contact me form!