Fear Tasking and Ways to Stop It

Fear Tasking and Ways to Stop It

As a human and leader, I notice in myself and others the fear of attempting certain tasks. Often out of fear we find ways not to get the original task completed. Instead of multitasking or Single tasking, I want to initiate the use of the term, FEAR tasking. My definition: Creating tasks to complete in front of a task you fear to attempt. This happens in everything. The most relatable one for students is cleaning before doing homework. Very few like cleaning but even fewer like homework. Through self rationalization, an individual may decide they have to clean now even though their home has been a mess for 3 weeks and this homework is due in 10 hours. It does not make much sense to clean now when that time could be used to complete the homework. By doing something that is productive we relieve ourselves of having to do what we fear. Sounds like a great idea! Right? Not so much. Many dreams and goals were never achieved because of this. I am no exception to this. Getting stuff done is always good but we need to gage importance effectively in order to get the most out of a day. So far we have explained Fear Tasking in its basic form but what can we do to stop?

The road to stopping coincides with getting over our fears. Quite possibly one of the hardest challenges you will ever take on, I promise you, things will be easier once you have done this. Our fear stems from some internal place that no one can quite place outside the chemicals that are released. For me, it relates exactly to nothing feeling good enough. My calling is Management Consulting. Even though I know, deep down, part of me fears that I may be successful as such. My current clients enjoy the education I give to them and everyone sees success utilizing the tools I give them and yet, it never feels like I am good enough. Of course not all the time. Also like everyone else, we go through these spurts of accomplishment followed by lack of because of the roadblock of what had to be done. What exactly helps me get through it? Three things:

  1. An amazing Life Coach – I know of a good one if you are in AZ. Life coaches give a different view point on life that is necessary.
  2. Books – Michael Singer is a great individual to start with on this journey. The surrender Experiment should be the first book you read.
  3. Motivational and informational podcasts – Also some music gets you in the right mood to get the right stuff but listening to a Gary Vaynerchuk or Les Brown speech always helps.

Everyone has their different ways of focusing in. These three help me as well as others I have taught in person. Remember the main task at hand always and make sure every action matches completing that task.

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    That was very helpful. I struggle with that.

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    I struggle with this. Your post was very helpful.

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