Focus on Building Towers of Leadership

Focus on Building Towers of Leadership

When looking at building yourself up as a Manager and Individual, there are two ways: Build the tallest tower or destroy everyone else’s. Imagine the reputation one will receive when they spend all of their time destroy to bring other’s down in order to be on top. Jim Collins in Good to Great talks about the process of high level leaders doing their best to bring everyone else up with them. On top of that, they hardly take credit. Instead above average leaders do everything in their power to build the towers are around them. Why would they do that? For a couple reasons.

  1. Capacity of the company – Mentoring, Teaching, and Assisting other leaders gives greater ability to the leadership team as a whole by having more resources to pull from. With more leaders, more individuals can be mentored from those individuals ever further increasing what one organization can do.
  2. Give – Leaders instinctively give and support. This is in our nature. Leaders work for their employees, not the other way around. They work to give them employees the needed resources to achieve.
  3. Legacy – True leaders and managers are about the long game. What better legacy than to have a group of the next generation look up to you as someone that made a difference in organizations and the world.

These are a few examples of the benefits. There are no negatives. Nothing beats the ability of looking back and seeing all the people you have helped grow into the individuals they are. On the other side, negatives of destroying other buildings.

  1. Enemies – Destroying buildings creates enemies. Not everyone has to like you but not everyone should hate you either. Quite a bit of business and life experiences come from the relationships you build in the industry you work in.
  2. Lack of Leadership with your organization – If everyone in your organization are task people, no one will be able to take over when current leadership retires.
  3. Loneliness – It is lonely on top when no one else is there to share in the victory.

Do some self evaluation and figure out where you are in terms of building instead of destroying. From decide what changes need to be made in how you help people. Keep in mind, if you are someone that has destroyed buildings in the past.

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