Giving Your Organization the Right Tools

Giving Your Organization the Right Tools

The average cost of hiring a new employee cost about 4,000 dollars plus or minus a few hundred. On top of that we spend days if not months bringing that individual up to speed on what is going on currently in the organization. That comes with being in business. It is a costly venture starting business but over and over, I have to ask the question: Why do we take so much and spend this much money to give that new individual sub par tools! What do I mean by tools? Everything from technology to physical individuals that can answer questions. The point I am making is simple: we need to provide exact tools for the individuals to complete their tasks. Here is why!

  1. Efficiency – For the companies that grade their workers on efficiency, it is impossible to rate actual efficiency if workers do not have the proper tools. On top of that, workers will use this as a complaint for why they do not have good enough efficiency numbers. As a manager, you do not have much ground to stand on.
  2. Productivity – The amount of work that can be done, does depend on a few things: The knowledge of the overall team, the ability of each particular individual to do work, and the technology the individual is using. All three of these are needed to produce efficiently.
  3. Mental State of Workforce – Most people want to do a good job and do it fast. Imagine the individual waiting for a webpage to load up that is required to get their work done. I worked in a location like this where we did not have the proper tools. Things like having old computers and small screens weighed on our department that focused on computers to get the job done. The extra stress this created does not make for good conditions of production.

We are looking at deeper ideas in terms of what lack of proper tools does to your team. I do understand budgets and making sure not to overspend. I also live in reality of most business owners and managers do not know enough about technology to have the right computers, servers, and monitors to get the job done. Some advice on that end would be to make sure someone on the executive team understands technology, take feedback from the team doing the work, have a portion of the organization that focuses solely on having the right tools, or learn it yourself to ensure that you are getting the right tools at the right price.
In summary, we need to recognize the power of what the right technology and human experience can do for a team overall. Whether it is having the right computer or experienced leaders, efficiency will be affected without these things. If we are not efficient, it is easy to do the math on how well production will be. All of this is affects the mental state of the workforce. Take time and look at the tools you give your team. Get some feedback from the individuals using the tools. Now get out there and help everyone produce efficiently!

Anthony Smith
Management Consultant
Helping Managers assist their employees in finding their why, creating a path to achieve that why, and keeping them on that path.

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