On Managers Lacking Communication

On Managers Lacking Communication

Business can be difficult. We continuously deal with the unknown. Daily change creates chaos. Chaos lacks organization. While organization can stiffen creativity, production does need organization. Similar to an assembly line, there is a process to business. Someone is responsible for each piece of the puzzle. Computers talk by the programming they are given. Each machine is told what has been done and what they need to do in order to push the line forward. Humans also need this direction. We all have the ability to self direct. The problem is, without direction, need to see all that has happened before to make a decision. By communicating a manager communicating to the team, each person understands the situation at the same moment allowing the team to produce at a much quicker pace. Without such organization and direction, anything that gets done is sloppy and time consuming.
Potential Warnings of this Happening? Employees that are not communicated to often become confused. They lack direction and production shows. If a manager runs some meetings, production may go up momentarily but will not last. Secondly they may come to the next level of leadership asking what needs to be done. Humans want to accomplish tasks but few lack the ability to self direct at the level required to produce without leadership
Potential Solutions? Instill communication at all levels of the process. Managers need to know that they have to be very clear on what the goal is of the team, how everything is going currently, and the answers to any question in mean time.

Extra Notes: There are multiple levels to this scenario where the manager may or may not what is going on. Some individuals simply forget to communicate. Maybe the business is so busy that daily communication becomes difficult. The issue can also arise from higher up making sure the individual is not communicating with their team. I noticed this when working at larger organizations that the executive team keeps lower employees in the dark. This is a strategy used to reduce widespread concerns when the organization is making decisions. There are times to keep certain parts of the business process secret but changes that are going to directly affect employees needs to be communicated. This is an easy fix that must be followed by the entire organization. If you expect a manager to communicate more to the employees, the owner and executives must also follow the practice of transparency.

Extra Extra Notes: I will be correctly some pieces of these articles that come from my notes but I am going to attempt and keep them as “Original as Possible” to what the notes look like when I am using them for my speech. There are errors and mistakes in the writing. Regardless, of that. The goal is to assist all levels of managers become better leaders!

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