On Pushing Yourself

On Pushing Yourself

In order to continuously grow, one must be willing to push past previous limits. Stepping back even further, what is the point of expanding ones limits. Why would one choose to do this? Focusing on management, our ability to lead directly correlates three types of skills: Social Skills, Hard Skills, and Soft Skills.

Social Skills

The way in which we communicate verbally and non-verbally, Social Skills dictate our ability to communicate correctly as well as clearly. With the amount 93% of communication being non verbal, a manager and or leader need to understand when their employees are giving them queues. Imagine going through life only taking comments literally. In certain cultures, this is possible but in the United States, many conversations do not uncover all that is needed to be said.

Hard Skills

Even though, most hard skills are losing their value due to machines, knowing the knowledge of the department is necessary to be a competent leader. When I worked in the finance industry, we lost our team lead at one point. They were having a child and went on leave. In haste the organization brought in a manager from another department in order to cover the position. They were a great leader but did not know the specific information required for the position as an employee. Whenever a detailed question arose, we went to other managers tasking up time from their team. It was possible to do this but rather cumbersome. For that reason, hard skills are needed (at least the basics.)

Soft Skills

We are talking about everything but social soft skills. Positive attitude, Patience, Work Ethic, Team Work, ETC. These skills dictate your ability to get through the rough days as a manager. Everything from dealing with late employees to angry customers. Certain projects make take months to complete. Give any presentation or speak to anyone in an organization. You are using soft skills. Cooperate with multiple departments in order to complete a larger project, soft skills. Making a deal? You guessed it; soft skills.

The perfect Trifecta

Having all of these skills create the perfect leader. That being, said some are more important than others. For individuals trying to figure out what to focus on first, I suggest this order: Social Skills, Soft Skills, and Hard Skills. Hard skills hold less value as robots begin to complete these types of jobs. Soft skills benefit individuals greatly when it comes to work ethic and leadership but often miss the most important piece. Social Skills dictate the current landscape with which we live in. No matter what you are doing, we communicate with others requiring to pay attention to those verbal and non-verbal queues. Keep learning and growing!

Anthony Smith
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Helping Managers assist their employees in finding their why, creating a path to achieve that why, and keeping them on that path.

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