Optimal Employment through Leadership

Optimal Employment through Leadership

Employees say the number one way to inspire great work is recognition. Global Studies provides this information and based on my personal experiences, I believe this to be true. Going even deeper, when someone is struggling, managers need to recognize if someone is not in the proper position at work to be most productive or happy. Many studies find that around 1 in 5 employees are in the wrong position. They may be the right employee but their work is subpar, slow, and lacks creativity. When dealing with these types of issues, we need to figure out who can solve this issue. Someone needs to be in charge of recognizing strengths and placing individuals in the right position based on their skills sets.

We are all specialize in one way or another. Depending on the book you read, humans are broken down into 4 groups of individuals. Anything from being Analytical to Extroverted divide these groups. Even though most of have parts of each group, we lean to a particular personality type. The individuals that see it the most are team leads and low level managers. For that reason, they tend to be the ones that need to be able advise middle managers on individuals that may be in the wrong position. This is where a few problems arise. 1. Most managers are not trained to spot these personalities and make suggestions on personal moves. 2. Some individuals simply do not care to do this. They do not care to help the organization be the most productive version it can be. Both of these are problems. One can be trained but the other is straight negligence. As an owner or executive of an organization, we need to recognize certain patterns within an organization that shows this may be happening.

The easiest to see which in employees are in the right position, in my opinions and experience, coincides with their production. This does require some work on the higher up leadership to look at teams where this may be happening and pay attention to the production of individual employees. Get the break down of their day. See what they get faster than usual and what tasks take longer than expected. From there, having a conversation with each employee about why they are at that organization and what they want out of the experience. Most individuals know what they want but lack the courage to speak up in the work place. This leads to turnover. During this entire process, the team lead needs to be involved. The hard conversation of talking to the manager about what they believe is going on needs to happen. Give them the opportunity to learn and grow their skills. The best way to do that is through apprenticeship and mentoring.

By this point of the process, a few things will happen. The team lead that is not utilizing the strengths of their team to the best of their ability will either leave the company or grow through the constructive criticism. The employees will be placed in proper positions of the company or have more understanding as to why they are in the particular position they are in. Some employees will leave simply because they find out they really don’t want be at that organization or doing the particular work they need to. This will happen even if trying to intervene and assist in the situation is avoided. The most important part coincides with it being a learning experience. More than half of all managers in the United States received no management training. It shows. That can be changed however. Higher end leadership can make the effort to guide new team leads and new team leads need to be willing students. All this needs to happen in order to provide and care for the employees that do all the work to keep an organization running.

Anthony Smith
Management Consultant
Helping Managers assist their employees in finding their why, creating a path to achieve that why, and keeping them on that path.

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