Outside Hiring verse Promoting for Management

Outside Hiring verse Promoting for Management

Team Leader A decided to find greener pastures. Awesome for them! Hopefully, everything works out and the new job turns out to be a good decision on their part. Now what? You as the owner, department manager, or HR recruiter must undertake the process of replacing that individual. Now, the hard part: Deciding to promote a technician internally or attempting to bring an outsider in. Unfortunately, there is no clean cut answer and either decision comes with the slew of benefits and negatives. For me there is an answer. In order to allow you to create some of your own opinions, my opinion will be held until the end. For now, we are going to jump into promoting!

Promotion – Positives and Negatives

Promoting, first and foremost, allows the company to utilize the individuals that already have an idea of what is going on. This lessens the training time and cost. Being a familiar, the new manager will fit right into the culture they are already a part of. Jumping to the negative side real quick, promoting a technician to a leadership role creates numerous issues. The first and largest problem coincides with the lack of leadership skills the technician has. Their production skills give them the knowledge side however, articulating ideas to new teammates will often frustrate them. Why teach someone else to do the job when they can get it done better and faster? That quote came out of so many individuals the past decade of my journey that I am unsure how many people want to learn how to be a manager after they have been a technician. Unfortunately for them, it is cheaper and faster to hire internally.

Outside Hiring – Positives and negatives

Manager skills!!! A few extra exclamation points on that one. The single greatest attribute about hiring outside the organization comes down to their abilities in leadership. Fresh eyes also mix things up. New ideas can flow from this new person as they see the same problems from a different lens and focal point. Experience from other organizations helps sharpen the process at your organization. Time for some of the negatives. They do not have the knowledge of your organization under their belt. The less organized your organization is, the harder this transition will be. The team tends to distrust individuals that come from the outside as well.


For me, hiring internally is the way to go. I know the individual more and it shows the entire team that internal promotions are the style of the company. I can train leadership traits which makes the decision easy for me. For other leaders, they might have a better time bringing an outsider up to speed. Not the route I would suggest but knowing your personal strength on what you can guide someone else on will help you make this decision!

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